Does the formloader widget work in 5.13.1?

Hi I have converted a project from 4.7.2 to 5.13.1. The project uses the formloader widget alot! The formloader widget does not seem to work in version 5.13.1. How do i get the formloader widget work to work in version 5???? Regards
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Please use snippets in MX5 and see also: and


Some changes within the Dojo version used by mx 5.13 did break the formloader.

So I ported the formloader to work with Mendix 5 in the proper way

Mendix 5 does have snippets. Where ever you can; please use the snippets. In some cases where you do need to edit data in a template grid, you can use the formloader. But before you do; please check if the editable list view is an option too. As a last resort you can fallback on the template grid with this form loader widget.

Please let me know if the formloader is working properly.