Display a microflow returned list in a Datagrid?

This may sound simple enough but I can't seem to get it to work right. Lets say I want to check duplicate records/objects. I have a datagrid with a list of objects of an entity. On the datagrid I have a microflow button which after I select an object from the datagrid and click on the microflow button it should pop up a page with a datagrid showing a list of duplicate objects for the selected object. I am able to create the microflow and I am able to get the list of duplicate objects but I am unable to display the list of duplicate objects in a datagrid. I tried to have a 'show page' action at the end of the microflow but that will not work. Any way I can get this done?
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Look similair to this question: https://forum.mendix.com/questions/7983/List%20Display#11899