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Hi, I'm seriously stuck here. I need to "map" an array to entities from the google maps api. the request (,-73.9612889) works fine. I get json. here is a snippet { "exclude_from_slo" : true, "results" : [ { "address_components" : [ { "long_name" : "277", "short_name" : "277", "types" : [ "street_number" ] }, { "long_name" : "Bedford Avenue", "short_name" : "Bedford Ave", "types" : [ "route" ] }, { "long_name" : "Williamsburg", "short_name" : "Williamsburg", "types" : [ "neighborhood", "political" ] However when i try to "map" the "types" array i keep on getting errors. My model is (e=entity and a=association) e: response (attributes: status(string)) a: results many to many e: returns (no attributes) a: addresscomponents e: addressdetails (attributes: longname (string), shortname (string)) a: types (many to many) e: addresstypes (attributes: typesvalues (string)) the error i am getting now is "Failed to connect to street_address: host parameter is null" what am i doing wrong? I've tried to build the example to all the guides, including the rijksmuseum example. Any ideas?
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Hi Wayne, If I read your 'model' correctly, I think your addresstypes should inherit from RestServices.Primitive. Your addresstypes object would have no attributes and the 'StringValue' attribute of the 'Primitive' entity would have the actual value.



Not completely sure on this but I think the array should look like: "types" : [{"street_number"}], notice the extra {}. I think that the module needs to have the extra {}-chars to process the information to the associated object.