How to display Navigation tree in 2.5

In 2.5, I have the Show Navigation Tree checkbox checked and have set up items on the Navigation Tree tab and set Roles, but they do not display in the client. What else needs to be done to be able to display a navigation tree? UPDATE after answer 1: The navigation tree does not appear in any of the 4 themes available Update 11 October: Hi Karol - yes, this was solved when I upgraded to 2.5.1 - the Default-index.html theme contained the html code needed, as shown below: <div dojoType="mendix.widget.MxNavigator" region="leading" splitter="true" id="MxClient_navigator" class="MxClient_navigator" > </div>
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Can you check if the navigation tree is visible in the default theme (you can switch at the upper right of your client screen)? It can be that not all provided beta themes support the navigation tree.