Menu labels and values different

When a 'menu' is created from an association, is there a way to display label values in the drop-down, but return a different value to the field. For example, with an association to a table containing timezone information, rather than displaying CET and CST in the dropdown, I would like to display labels like Central European Time (GMT + 1), Central Standard Time (GMT - 6), but still just return the short value to the record. Do I need to add both fields from the association to my form, or is there a way I can produce the desired behaviour with a single field? I would prefer not to have both fields because of screen space considerations. Just to be clear, this is not a navigation menu - it is a menu of allowed values on a field dropdown
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Do you mean a reference selector, where you select an object to store in an association of type reference? Or a drop-down widget where you make a selection from an enumeration?

In the reference selector you can show any attribute of the object you are going to select and the value that you select is an object, not a simple value.

The drop-down shows the value of the enumeration. Each enumeration value has name (used internally) and a caption (used in the user interface). The caption can be an arbitrary text, like "Central European Time (GMT + 1)".