Outlook email viewer (View outlook emails within app like document viewer)

Hi All, As everyone know we can upload the files into Mendix application and can view them using document viewer, but the document viewer only displays specific docs and not all. If I attach an outlook email and upload it to the app then is there any way I can view it like other documents in a viewer instead of downloading the file? Please can anyone help me out to solve this issue as business is getting very frustrated by downloading the emails that are attached with the case every time and then view it. Thanks in advance.!!
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Outlook MSG files cannot be viewed directly in a web browser. Based on a quick Google search, I don't see any extensions to do that either.

I see two possible solutions:

  • Have your users attach a supported file type
  • Look into converting the MSG file to html, text or PDF using java before displaying it on the screen. This library may be useful. The library may also be able to extract key fields that you could display natively in Mendix (i.e, you could extract the To, From, CC, Subject, and message contents fields and display them in Text boxes or Rich Text viewers)