How To Assingn Multiple Records To a Single Person(Entity) - Referncing

Hi Mendix Community, I am working on a project where there are a Set Of Records in a Data Grid (These Records are Entries that Users(Entities) have to work on), My requirements is that I have to perform Multi-Select and assign these records to a list of users, Basically I am trying to Reference Multiple objects to one user at a single Instance. I have tried this using a reference selector, but the drawback is that, I have to individually view the object in data view and then assign it using Reference Selector. Is there a way I can assign multiple records at once to a single user. Kindly share your views on this Query.
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Instead of a reference selector, use a reference set selector - this will enable you to search for multiple records, select a number of them and assign all of these records to a user at once.

Alternatively, you could display a datagrid of the records, and create a small microflow to assign those records to the user. The microflow would receive a list of records (these would come from the datagrid) and also the user, and would then add the records received to the association between user and records.