Capturing return result of a consumed wsdl in 2.5

I have a wsdl that I consume in an After Create microflow that returns 4 elements in the transaction and I need to record these (success integer, errorCode integer, errorDescription string and value string). I have created an XML-to-Domain mapping to try to map these elements fo fields on my form, but the only options seem to be a microflow (where I can't pass through the current object), to search for an object to update (I have nothing to search on), or create a new object. I need to update the current record as part of the current transaction. I tried creating a separate domain object to store just these 4 fields, but can't see how to associate a new record being created to the current transaction. No matter what associations I create in the domain model between my main form and this result form, the 'Association to parent' dropdown in the mapping object remains empty. The 4 elements being returned do not include anything that can be used as a key. Any suggestions on how I should capture these 4 returned elements?
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You can pass an object of a certain entity to your XML-to-domain mapping by setting the 'Parameter' property of the mapping to that entity. This parameter will be used as the "parent" of the top-level mapping element, allowing you to select an association from the parameter entity to the entity chosen for the top-level mapping element.

Using this feature, you can create an object in your microflow, pass this object to the XML-to-domain mapping, and afterwards retrieve the object that was created in the mapping by association.