using microflow as data grid source

Hi, Am having a data grid which uses source as microflow. I need to show this page as a pop up to other main page. So if i select a value in data grid this must be shown in main page. But when i add 'Select' button, Mendix is not accepting. Its giving error that 'select cannot be used with microflow/association as data source.' Any suggestions on proceeding further will help.
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This is where helper objects become the cavalry that will save you.

  1. Create a (non-persistable) empty entity (no attributes necessary) with an association to the entity used in your datagrid.
  2. Create a page for the helper entity with the associated datagrid.
  3. Use the datasource microflow and create the helper entity. Retrieve the list of desired objects and associate it with the helper entity. Show the page of the helper entity in the last step of your microflow.

You can now use another microflow button in the datagrid for further processing as suggested by Eric.

Example: click


Are you trying to set an association? Your best bet would be to use a microflow button, which should set the association and close the pop-up.