Phonegap camera widget is not saving images without using auto save

Using the Phonegap camera widget, I used to be able to capture my photo and use a custom save button to commit my image. When I upgraded my project to the 6.8.1 version and updated the Phonegap camera widget to the latest version 3.1.1, I found out that I could no longer do this. The only way for me to save the photo is to use the auto save setting in the camera widget. When I use the auto save setting, I can’t view the image after it is saved although I have the image location set to below. When I do not use the auto save setting, I can view the image but the image is not saved. I am not sure if the custom save button is creating the issue, I see in the 6.9 release notes there was a fix that involved custom save buttons. FYI the camera widget and the custom save button is inside a data view where the data source is the entity that contains the images. Is anyone aware of a fix for this issue?
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It seems that the auto save setting is not the only way to save the photo. You can also save it with the standard save button.

In my project, I set auto save to 'No', so that the user can see the image, and I use the standard save button to save the image.