Sort avaiable values when having inline editing active in datagrid

Hi, I have a datagrid where I have one column editable. I'm showing an attribute of a related entity which can have the values 1,2,3,4,5,6.... When I click in the editable cell in the datagrid, I see the available attributes to select. My problem ist that the values have no sorting (or I think it is the order like the objects are stored in the database table). It is realy hard for the customer to find the value he want so select. Is there a way to define how the related data should be sorted? Thank you, Tobias
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I believe this would need to be a feature request - I don't think sorting is currently an option on an editable row.

You have a few other options:

  • Change your design to use a new/edit pop-up instead of inline editing
  • Use an editable list view instead of a data grid
  • Implement some custom javascript using the HTML snippet widget to sort the rows for you. This stackoverflow question (see top answer) looks promising, although you'd need to tweak the code to look for a 'select' node and 'option' notes instead of UL and LI

Hi Eric,

thank you for your response. A new/edit form is already available but not handy when doing a mass processing.

A list view or a template grid maybe indeed asolution for that. I altough thought about a javascript function todo the sorting. That's the prevered solution for me at the moment. I need to check if your linked solution is working.

Thank you for your help, Tobias