Responsive Navbar - Minimize on Scroll Down

I managed to make a responsive navbar using the Contianer widget which acts like a div (please, rename the container to div, it makes no sense calling it a container if its a div and confuses everybody) Try as I might I cannot make the amoeba template ( have the navbar go smaller when you scroll down as in the template. All CSS and JS have been included, All possible combinations for inclusions positions have been tried (top bottom, after mxui.js, etc ) Please advise.
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My first guesses would be:

You're trying to set the event handlers in javascript for the resizing of this navigation element on body load. These event handlers will not have the target HTML elements available in Mendix as the content of Index.html usually has yet to be filled the moment these Javascript files trigger. I'm not sure that these event handlers will be bound when the element gets loaded in the content. You could try setting the event handlers for these elements in the content using HTML/ JavaScript Snippet

To debug your javascript, just make some simple javascript console log statements to see if your javascript is loaded and triggers whenever you scroll down.

Your debug javascript should be doing something like this: The event should trigger a console log statement on window scroll. Check if the HTML target you're trying to resize exists. Trigger the resize function/ css class swap

Other reasons that your code might not be working: The javascript you've written clashes with the Dojo framework. The javascript you've written depends on JQuery and JQuery is not loaded.