Mapping attributes from one entity to another?

I want to be able to collect user-input data in one master entity, and then split up the elements that have been captured into other entities. Is this possible? For example: Entity 1 has attributes of Name, Address, State, City, Zipcode Can I map just Name and Address to Entity 2 after entity 1 has been committed? If possible, how would I do so? Thanks!
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You could accomplish this with a microflow that copies the attributes in question to Entity 2 - after created a new object of type Entity 2. This microflow could be called as an event handler on Entity 1, invoked from a page, called from a scheduled event, etc.

This is the scenario I typically use when loading bulk data from a spreadsheet - create Entity A with attributes that match the columns of the spreadsheet and then, once the spreadsheet data is loaded into Entity A, have a microflow that instantiates objects and replicates data as appropriate based on the contents of the spreadsheet data.