2.5 features are still not avaliable

I think this beta of 2.5 is incomplete, because some features which I have seen in the documentary vedio of 2.5 are still not avaliable like : -N-deeb nested form view feature which is mentioned as Formbuilder improvements . -Master and master details relationship which should use just listen attribute rather than shared and listen to work in many levels of master and master details. -moreover,some bugs are in 2.5 beta should be fixed. so,I would like to know when the real version of 2.5 will be ready. Thanks in advance.
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Hi Mohammad,

  • N-deep nested dataviews: are available in 2.5-beta. Add a nested dataview and use the connector to select an n-deep path (you can only walk over 1-0 associations). Additionally you can use a microflow to fill a nested dataview.
  • Master and master details with listen attribute: is available in 2.5-beta. A dataview has a listen to property were you can select a datagrid to listen to. See the documentation for more details.

If you encouter bugs in 2.5-beta, please file them in the Partner Portal. We are happy to receive your feedback! After the current feedback round we will create a 2.5 release candidate. For details and release dates please contact your Mendix contactperson.