Is it possible to overlay two images ?

I'm building an App with a questionaire and each questions receives a score between 1 .. 10. The customer wants to have a picture in an overview page (and don't want to see the enumeration value). So what I want to do, is to show 1 picture with an colored slider as a background (starting with value 1 in color red till value 10 in color green). As an overlay picture I want to show a kind of pointer / pinpoint with the actual value of the attribute from the domain model. Any tips or trics are welcome
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You could create 10 images (one for the slider in each position), then use the enum toggle widget to set an image for each of the 10 enumeration values. I think that's your simplest solution.

You can overlay 2 images using CSS, but you'd still need 10 images for the slider in each position, plus the slider background. So, I'd say just make 10 images with the slider already overlaid.

There's an enum slider widget in the app store which is actually pretty close to what you want, but it looks like you can't actually set it to "read-only" mode.