Accessing IIS Remote_User variable from Mendix

Hello all, We're running an on-premise application on a Windows Server with an IIS Webserver. We'd like to offer users some basic context (preferences, favorites, etc) in the application without requiring them to sign in. Since the application will be used from an intranet only, we considered we might use the IIS Remote_User variable to acquire the visitors username (disallowing anonymous login to IIS). Unfortunately, it's proving a bit tricky to access IIS variables from Mendix / Java. I've not been able to find an API/library for this purpose, or another straightforward solution. Does anyone have experience doing something similar? If so; is there any advice or examples you could offer? Kind regards, Christiaan Westgeest
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You can try to pass them as parameters see this and write a custom requesthandler in Mendix to read the parameters.