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It is possible, with the label component to create <p>something</p>? I want to do this without using format string/htmlsnippet/custom widget, so that I can see the text in the modeler to make it easier for other guys to know what the page is about. One solution is a javascript like this $('.mycontainer1').find('label').replaceWith(function() { return '<p>' + $(this).text() + '</p>';}); ...but it is very uncool Thankyou
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Removed original answer, not relevant anymore

Is there a reason you want p tags? You could:

  • Set a class on the label
  • Give it a meaningful name and style it using mx-name-<yourname>
  • Wrap the label in a Container and style the container

Seems like you are trying to put notations on your pages that are visible inside of the modeler but not once the application is deployed. I have accomplished this in the past using table rows that are conditionally visible with text labels inside of them.

In my case, I have a user role that does not have access to the page. Then made the table row visible for that user role, but it will never be visible once the app is deployed. I don't use this on all pages, only very large or complex ones.