Pop-up layout

We are experiencing some annoying issues with the new pop up layout - the save and cancel buttons (control bar) on most forms are not visible until the form is resized, either larger or smaller. I tried setting the width and height in the style section on the layout and each page individually, and also giving the overflow property a value of scroll (and auto), but this just results in a larger form with scroll bars, but the control bar is still not visible. Is there anyway I can force the control bar to always show without setting custom style settings on each and every page that uses the pop up layout? Thanks
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Our popups were not wide enough after updating. This caused similar issues. I could solve those by setting an explicit width, but no height, on each popup. This happens mostly with nested containers in the data view like grids or groupboxes. Or a datagrid or table with pixel sizing (rather than percentage) that is actually wider than the popup width. For popups specifically, I make sure that the data grid or table has (at least) one column set to auto width and the popup is at least wide enough to hold all columns with sufficient space for the auto columns.