Printing signature in Template Document

I am using the signature widget in a questionnaire type form and wish to be able to print out the results using a template document. As far as I can see the signature is stored as a text string, but the signature widget is able to display this as an image. Is there a way to convert the signature string to an image file that I can store in an entity - I would then be able to include the image in my document template - or is there another way to include it in the template? I have tried the Community Commons functions to convert the string to a file, but that doesn't seem to work. Any suggestions? Edit Thanks for the suggestion Mike - yes I've tried that and it doesn't seem to work - see below Got it - this version works I had to remove the first few characters of the signature string before decoding, then it works. See below for the final version: It includes the grid in the image, but at least it works. Thanks for the suggestions Mike
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OK - I knew I had solved this previously. Looked into one of my projects and found the encoded signature stripped of the first 22 characters. Then went back to forum to find out why I had done that. See this thread for details. BTW - more kudos for Andries Smit!


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Can you explain how i can download signature image into pdf.