Pop-up size is too small

Hi, In Mendix 5.15.0 I encounter the problem that pop-up are opening with a very small width. I know that I can set a fixed width for each pop-up, so no problems will occur. However, this will be a lot of work and I was wondering whether this will be fixed in a future release? Thanks! Kind regards, Co de Smalen
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In Mendix 5.15.0 the default popup width has changed from a relative width of 50% of the view port to a static width of 600px with a maximum of the viewport width.

The main reason for that is that popups should work well on all kinds of screen resolutions. A percentage of the view port does not work well on all screens. On big screens popups would stretch, resulting in very wide input fields and hard to read text. On small screens popups would shrink, resulting in very narrow input fields and text being wrapped aggressively.

Why 600px? Because this is the default width of Bootstrap modals and 50% of the average desktop screen. Besided that it encourages people to think about the usability of the interface on different screen resolutions.

The problem with any default value is that it treats popups with a one column layout the same as popups having multiple columns with labels and inputs. If the page contains a lot of content it might be better to open a page in content instead of in a popup.

The popup width can of course be changed. For a specific popup the width can be configured on the page in the Modeler. Changing the default for all popups can be done using CSS in the theme. Although I would not recommend it the previous default popup width can be restored for desktop applications with the following CSS snippet:

.profile-desktop .mx-window {
    width: 50%;