Windows 8.1 or 7? ... On Thinkpad to develop MX apps?

Hi, Currently I'm using a MacBook Pro with a virtualisation solution (Parallels) to run Windows 7. That's where my MX Modeler is installed and how I develop my Mendix apps. I now want to use an 'oldie' Thinkpad T410 dedicated to develop Mendix apps and as such install the modeler on it. What operating system do you advice to install on it? Windows 7 or Windows 8? Purely with the Modeler in mind, as I want to dedicated this machine only for MX development. Thanks!
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Don't know about the T410, but the guy that sits next to me had a T540 with Windoze 7 on it, then he got a T550 with Windoze 8.xx , and now he's jumping up and down about how slow it is. All I know is he used to have multiple modelers, multiple netbeans, multiple glassfish servers, apache server, etc. etc. etc. ... and now he just has the modeler open.

What is your experience with mbm under parallels?