Remove from list does not remove the object

We have this microflow in a project: What it does is sending a message to a group of users. Each user gets a notification on his or her mobile phone. Offcourse the user that sends the message should not get a notification so that user should be filtered out. The problem is that the change list action does not remove the user. Here is the screenshot of the breakpoint at the Status_aanmaken microflow action. As one can see we have an Medewerker (employee) that is the logged in user, but in the list of Medewerker the object is still there. Problem is that I am unable to reproduce this problem in a new test project. In that case I always assume that I do something wrong and am overlooking something. Now only to find what. Regards, Ronald [EDIT] When I am in EDIT mode I can see the microflow. But as soon as post it I see the iframe source HTML. What am I doing wrong in embedding microflow shares in the forum? [EDIT2] Found it. You should just copy the url and not the HTML code.
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Create an empty list first, then retrieve the medewerkers and add them to the empty list. From there you should be able to add and subtract.


My theory: Realize that this microflow is converted into Java code. With that in mind, perhaps the instance of the current user is a different object in memory than the one you just pulled from a Retrieve statement. So a standard remove from list may not work (they'll have different object ids in memory - which is the default way to compare objects in Java).

An alternative to doing a Remove (like in your microflow) :
1) Ensure you have some sort of unique identifier, like the username, AutoID, etc.
2) Perform a Find, on that attribute.
3) Then remove the found object from your list.