Filter the calendar based on type of event attribute(s) in the return entity

Using the standard Mendix Calendar widget. Is there a way of filtering the events returned on the calendar. I would like ability to give a user ability to filter through the calendar by allowing filtration using Type of event and Category filter which are attributes in my events entity. The widget is being used in side a data view and the events retrieved using a microflow with context option. The data view entity has a Parent-Child association with the Events entity. That is, one Data View entity can have many events.
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Add the attributes you want to filter on to your Dataview entity. In the calendar widget, use an Xpath on your retrieve that restricts the returned events to those that have the same attributes as the dataview entity. Place the filter attributes from your Dataview entity somewhere on the page so that the user can make filter selections. Use an onchange event on those filter attributes to commit the dataview entity which should cause the calendar to refresh and display the filtered events.