Mendix and JasperReports ...

Mendix Community: Mendix CTO Johan den Haan recently posted a blog about one-button deployment of Mendix apps to the Pivotal Cloud Foundry: If I am not mistaken, JasperReports server is also available on the Pivotal Cloud Foundry. Does this mean that a cloud-based Mendix App could be used in conjunction with the Jasper Reports reporting engine as long as both were deployed on the Pivotal Cloud Foundry? Has anyone explored whether JasperReports is or can be made available on the Mendix cloud? While I am early in the development of my Mendix app and I know that Mendix has a number of tools that support Mendix-based reports, my own belief is that it is preferable to use existing reporting engines/tools when possible rather than having to build equivalent functionality in my own app. Thanks for your consideration, John
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