PDF File Download Help in 5.15

I have an app that uses PDF files generated from templates extensively. This app provides users with the ability to download these PDF files. In the microflows that perform the download, the microflow activity that downloads the file has the 'Show file in browser instead of downloading, if possible" checkbox checked. In Mendix 5.13.1 and earlier, when I downloaded these files, the file would open in the browser (in Chrome and Firefox, a separate tab would open, displaying the file using the PDF viewer included with each of those browsers). However, in 5.15, the file always downloads. In the download dialog, if I check the box that says to show the file in Adobe Reader, an instance of Reader will be created with the document displayed. My question is, how can I inspect the response from Mendix that sends the file to the browser. I want to see if there is something different about the headers/mime type/etc. that may be causing this behavior. In 5.13.1, I can use Firefox and see the response from Mendix using Firebug. However, in 5.15, this doesn't seem to work because the response goes 'outside' the browser to Acrobat Reader. Any pointers/tips/ideas would be appreciated.
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