Navigation within page-call

In a prototype App I have several larges Pages with a lot of information. Eg Page1 is as 3times larger that the actual screen size. Page2 is 6 times larger than the actual screen size. With an link-button I can navigate from Page1 to Page2. But when the user scrolls down at Page1, and then navigates to Page2, Page2 is showing the information at the beginning of that page, but also scrolls down comparable with Page 1. My Questions - is it possible with a page switch (show page) to show the page from the beginning ? So actually it looks likt HTML with #top navigation ? - is it possible to navigate directory to other components within a page, eg. to the 2nd container or 3th table ?
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Do not use the link button, but make a custom microflow button. In the microflow close the first page and then open the page that needs to be opend. And also take a look at this widget in the appstore. Not entirely what you need but could help a lot:




If I understand you correctly, the page stays scrolled down when navigating between the SPA pages? We had to create a javascript in an html/js widget rendering as javascript to resolve this and place it on every page with this problem. Something like window.scrollTo(0,0);