CSV export of è character showing wrong when opend directly in Excel.

We are changing all our buttons in the application from Excel export to CSV export because the CSV export uses far less resources. But I encounter a problem where I do not have an inmediate answer for. Let's take a name Andrè. When the csv file is opend in Excel the name comes out as Andrè. When I open the csv in notepad I see Andrè but when I turn on the hexeditor in notepad I see again Andrè. Now I found this blogpost explaining the problem and this stackoverflow question. So when I open the file directly in Excel it does not recognize UTF-8, but when I do a manual import it strangly does suggest UTF-8 automaticly. When I check the file I see the first line being this: sep=; I am missing the column names in the csv export. I may be wrong here but was the first line not always the column names? And could this strange text be the reason for Excel to do such a lousy automatic import? Anyone any thoughts? [EDIT] After some searching I found this post: http://www.progresstalk.com/threads/can-i-force-excel-to-automatically-open-a-utf-8-csv-file-correctly.122183/ So it seems you can put some bytes in front so that Excel will recongnise it as UTF-8 format. Will file a support request, because it is now just bothersome for the end user. [EDIT2] When trying to create a test project I found out it only happens when the Excel seperator hint is set to Yes. When it is set to no Excel does open it correctly. Regards, Ronald
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I don't know the answer to the encoding issue, other than that it most likely IS an encoding issue. The sep=; is an explicit setting, Excel normally just has a default separator for CSV files which is different for different languages. This separator hint means that Excel will use the separator as defined. But it is non-default, you can set this on the button properties with 'Generate Excel separator hint'. (edit: the property has a typo but that will be fixed in the next release)