Enquiring about reference selector

Regarding refrence selector which will be used as a form rather than drop down from properities tool bar, its constrained by properity is not working within the popup form(for example: if have 2objects called class and type (Class 0---->1 type) and I want to filter the type list according to the seleceted class . The popup form of refrence selector of type object will show all types and not constrained by selected calss ). I don't understand when I create a new microflow in case of using properity on change of refrence selector it returns a list of the same referece selector object.
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Hi Mohammad,

  1. If you want to filter the elements in a popup form of a reference selector you need to specify the XPath constraint on the reference selector (not on the datagrid in the popup).

  2. A reference selector has two microflow properties:

    • The property 'On change' enables you to specify a microflow which is executed when a user selects another value. This microflow has the object of the enclosing dataview as input.
    • The property 'microflow' (in the category 'Selectable objects') enables you to use a microflow to fill the dropdown list of a reference selector. This microflow can only be used when the reference selector is rendered as a dropdown. This microflow has the object of the enclosing as input and returns a list of objects with the same type as the reference selector entity.

For a full overview of all reference selector properties you can view our reference guide.