Camera widget

Hi everyone, I'm experience some issues with the phonegap camera widget. When I call the page from my smartphone and call the specific page, the loading bar is only showing. The camera widget is added in a data-view. Thanks
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First make sure that you use the latest version of the phonegap widget and the cordova phonegap app If that's not the case then update them or re-Install them.

if the problem is not solved, please give the following a try!

Try different browsers maybe it is a browser compatibility problem.

I normally use Maxthon or the standard browser on my phone but those 2 doesn't work with mendix so I tried some browsers and finally I liked to use Firefox and Yandex. for my problem I use Firefox. Give it a try.

I didn't use the phonegap camera widget but another camera widget.

here a list of browsers I tried:

  1. Maxthon (works not good with mendix)
  2. UC Browser (have some issues with mendix)
  3. Standard Browser (Some standard browsers work great with mendix but not all)
  4. Chrome (works) (but I don't like Chrome because google is tacking you.)
  5. FireFox (works)
  6. Yandex (works)