Image resizing through Mendix/Java

We are currently in the early stages of developing a PIM system (think simple product database with images for now). This PIM system will feed a website that will use the product information + images. However, these images will be needed in a few sizes (for example the original file is 500x500, and the website requires a 300x300 for a thumbnail and a 400x400 for a hoverover). Rather than saving all these images in the mendix cloud we would like to only host image size and provide the other size specs only when they are requested (and possibly through a webservice). Does anybody have experience regarding this issue or suggestions on how to tackle this problem? The easiest solution would be to just upload each image multiple times, however (because they are high definition images, multiple per product) this will lead to storage issues rather quickly, and also isn't the most flexible solution. There are some resizing possibilities via Java, would something like that be simple to implement via Mendix?
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There is an widget that can resize the high res image: So only have the high res one and do a resize when needed to feed to the webservice and delete afterward.