Want to participate in a startup?

We are a team of two persons who in our own time enthusiastically started to work out a business idea of a digital healthcare platform for homecare. We obviously cannot realize this without a software developer. We are looking for a full stack Mendix developer who likes to take up the challenge with us and participate in their own time in exchange for a percentage of the shares of the company. Digital healthcare platform is a one-stop shop for a variety of home care services and provides a marketplace for patients and self-care professionals, where care processes are supported for customers / patients and healthcare professionals. Digitization of healthcare processes should ensure effectiveness and efficiency, where in addition quality and personal approach is paramount. The basic idea is to relieve the customer by offering one-stop shop for a variety of home care services at lower cost, and that healthcare professionals can arrange working hours themselves at a higher income. The starting point is transparency for all concerned in the process. Your challenge: Would you like to participate in a startup and work on a highly innovative project for the development of a digital healthcare platform for homecare? Do you have experience with CSS, JavaScript, HTML, SQL, XML, Security, Testing, Web Services, SoapUI, Database Design, Mobile Development, Architecture, REST, Data Analysis, UI, SOAP, OO programming? Are you a passionate and energetic type of person who takes the initiative, enjoy finding solutions for various challenges, detail-oriented, and you're really proud of your work? Want to focus on challenging and groundbreaking innovations? Can you bring rough concepts come alive by developing innovations in an agile way? Then join us! If you are interested, please contact me on +31623832429
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Indeed, try it through more appropiate channels.