Login problems

Lately whe have sometimes problems logging into the application. Not only in cloud environments but sometimes also just when running in localhost. I know we are not the only one. There was another blogpost about this subject: https://community.mendix.com/questions/8081/Mendix-515--Login-Redirect-Issue-Urgent I have experienced this behaviour also and it is sometimes even for me problamatic to solve. I have just spend an hour just trying to log into the application I am developing. Up untill now I always could solve it be removing the localhost cookies that are set by the application. But this morning even that would not help neither switching to another browser, or resetting the computer. What I do see is that this behaviour happens more in Firefox then in Chrome, but they both can have these problems. And it happens more often when switching often between accounts on the same computer. Could somebody from Mendix try to give an explenation why this is happening? Because even in the console I can only see that the user is authenticated ok and that the microflow for that userrole is triggered. But instead of staying on index.html I still get redirected to login.html. There must be something not working ok in the login.js but I am to much of a newbie in Javascript to delve deeper. For us this strange problem is really getting a pain in the..... Regards, Ronald
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Had this problem elsewhere and it was caused by the Calendar widget which had a file named Calendar.js instead of calendar.js and in 5.15 this, for some reason, caused the login issue (while in 5.13 it did not). Removing the file from the widget directory and importing the latest version from the app store resolved the issue.

So make sure you check Firebug (or if not working in Firefox, your browser's equivalent of developer tools) to see if any widget errors come up, that's how I discovered the source of the issue in this instance.