To make string values as a list and show in a drop down.

Hi Friends, I am having a string type attribute in a entity, I want to make this strings as a unique list. Then I want to show this list in a drop down for selection. Is this possible? Thanks in advance.
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Why do you want to select from the same entity? If you would select an attribute value of an entity this would also take the other values of the attributes for your new object. Or you should use an helper object

Why do you not do something like this:

  • let's assume you want to create a new Car object with an unique Brand
  • (this means that each Car object has 1 - 1 association to Brand object with Brandname as string attribute).
  • First of all you nead to create all the car brands you want to select from (you can use for example Excel importer module to upload a list of ca rbrands for this).
  • After you have made (uploaded a list of) several Brand objects (with several Brandnames in it) you can create a new Car object (in a data view) where you can select the Brandname from a dropdown.