Can I test on the value of the User.Password attribute in a microflow?

I need to include functionality in an application to force users to change their passwords periodically, which I have done. As part of the password update I want to include standard checking funtionality e.g: Prompt the user to re-enter their password & check the values are the same Check that the user hasn't used a password they've used recently Check that the password contains at least one digit (and possibly other characters) I have created a second password attribute in my ApplicationUser object (ApplicationUser.passwordCheck) and wanted to compare this value to User.Password, but the User.Password attribute does not appear to be visible in an expression. Has anyone done anything similar? Thanks.
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Just a suggestion - not tested but hope something here might help.

You need to store current and old passwords somewhere as you are going to check that they've not re-used them. Can you use this object as the source for confirming that they have entered the correct current password? Not sure if you can store the old passwords as HashStrings, and then compare hashStrings?

Do not show the real password element of your change password form - have 2 extra password attributes and only update the real password field after they have passed your tests. Hopefully you will be able to see the 'dummy' password attributes in your microflows


BTW, a password management module would be a useful addition to the apps store


@Andrew To check the passwords, you need to use a java action, which uses the systemcontext to compare the two hashes. The same action could be used to check whether an password has been used before.

The password strength validation i am not sure about, did you try to inherit an entity for system.user and than add an additional validation rule with a regex?

@David We indeed planned to add an account management module to the appstore.