Only part of my CSS files load in hybrid app

In my Mendix app, I have defined three css files that are loaded via the index.html: lib.css brand.css custom.css However, when I open my hybrid app, only the following files are loaded: lib.css custom.css As a solution, I included the three css reference links in the phonegap hybrid app, but this causes that five files are loaded in the following order: lib.css > brand.css > custom.css > lib.css > custom.css This causes that some brand.css properties are overwritten by the second load of lib.css. Does anyone know how I can properly load my three css files in the right order?
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I'm not sure, but don't you need all .css files to be loaded in the components.json file too (web/root) ?


You need to include references to your css in the components.json in order to load it into the hybrid app.