How to take linked data to a second page?

Explanation Let's say Lisa can create a list of products she wants to buy. This list contains two other lists of products which come from Bob's place and from Harry's garage. So for the record, Lisa 'slist contains a list of products from Harry and a list of products from Bob. Now Lisa can make multiple lists. She has an overview page of all the lists Lisa owns. Now when Lisa wants to view a List: She only wants to see the products from Harry's garage and Bob's place that is linked to that specific List she wanted to view. But when Lisa views a list. she gets to see all the sub-lists that are linked to all her lists. Question How can Lisa make sure that when she wants to view a list, she ONLY get's the lists that are linked to that list? Do I work with Xpath in the template grid or do I do this in the microflow that's behind the "view" button?
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The data view is used for showing the contents of exactly one object. If, for example, you want to show details of a single orderline this is most easily achieved with a data view

Templategrid needs to be replaced with a Data grid