No read access attribute in custom widget

A project I am working on required a custom login flow. In order to achieve this we customized the standard login widget. This widget calls on google recaptcha. At first we added the recaptcha sitekey as a string, which worked fine. However, since we also use the ReCaptcha widget in other parts of the widget, I thought it was a good idea to create consistency between the two, and edit the login form widget to call the site key from an object in the database. I edited the widget to include a couple of fields (siteKeyEntity, siteKeyAttribute and mfGetSiteKey) just like the ReCaptcha widget. However, when I zipped the widget and included it in the project, I got the following error: no read access to attribute 'sitekey' in object ReCaptcha.SiteKey for user role .... (with no roles defined in module ReCaptcha) However, I did not think users required read access. Is there some setting I need to change in the widget.xml file? Am I missing something else?
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Why didn't you think the users required read access? The widget will be on a page that is triggered by a user. It now requires the Mendix Client to request the siteKey on behalf of that user for the widget, so that user will need rights to read it.