Populate text box with a button

I'm looking to be able to pre-fill or populate a text box, within a data view, with an action button. Can anyone tell me the best way to do this? The data view consists of 5-6 text boxes from the same entity. Thanks!
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Create a microflow that accepts the dataview entity as an argument. Place a ChangeObject action in your microflow. In that action, set the values of the attributes you wish to pre-fill. Be sure to set Refresh in Client to yes in this action. Commit the changes as dictated by your business requirements.

Add an action button to the page, and have that action button call the microflow you just created.

That should do it.


Hi Andrew, your action button should be inside this data view too. For the sake of an example, let's pretend you have the following on your page:

  • Data view (Context entity: Color with an String attribute called Name)
    • Text box (linked to the Name attribute)
    • Action button

So then, you'll want to do the following:

  1. Set your action button to run a microflow
  2. This microflow should have an input parameter of type Color
  3. In your microflow, add a "Change Object" activity
  4. Set up the change object activity:
    • Make it change the Color object
    • Click the new button
    • Choose the Name attribute
    • Set the value to, say "Green"
  5. Make sure you set the option "Refresh in client" to "Yes" on the change object

That should do it!


Great, thanks to you both. I was doing everything right except the button was outside of the dataview.

Thanks again!