Can i change the color of the text in the textbox in mendix?

I need to change the color of the text in the textbox. Suppose i am giving a name as input, so the color of the name written should be red or something like that. i saw that the form control class is used in case of input types. But i changed the color over there to red within the theme css, but it did not work. is there any way to do it?
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you can use 2 ways
1 way –  use inline style by clicking properties and enter your code in style box.
2 way –  add custom class and use it on custom.CSS file in the path theme\style\css\custom\


An easy way to do this is to add 

color: red

in the Style option box in the text box properties


Have you read any documentation about styling your app?

This should get you going.