Content loss when using back button

In our application we present a store-like view with several help documents in the sidebar. When clicking one of these documents, they open in-content with a breadcrumb above it to navigate back to the previous page. The microflow triggered when using the breadcrumb just has a 'close page' action. The problem occurs when two users access the store page. Navigating 'forward' works fine, however when user #1 navigates forward with any of the buttons or links on the page and then navigates back (via back button or breadcrumb) and user #2 opened the store page in the meantime, user #1 will see the the template of the page without any data. User #1 navigates to store; User #1 opens any information link on the store page and the information page loads 'in-content'; User #2 navigates to store; user #1 navigates back; User #1 will see an empty template page. The dataview on the page is loaded by a DS_microflow, which is triggered if the backbutton is hit. The microflow even successfully retrieves the right object from the database. However in the above scenario the page will still be blank.
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My guess would be to look at delete behaviours. The log is telling you that the object is not there anymore so either the object was not committed or it was deleted by some other action. With the search option you can look for all the delete actions of an entity.




There are a couple of things that come to mind when reading through your problem.
- Did you check security, after going back to the page do you still have access to the page - Do you have 1-1 associations causing your object no longer to be visible/accessible to the original user that took that action - Does your microflow return a different object the second time the user accesses the page? This used to be a bug, I always prevent a DS microflow for a dataview from returning a different object (so I'm not sure if this has ever been solved, I do know it still exists in 5.12)