Creating reference set using microflow

Hello, I have the below data in a temp table. Postal_Sector Employee DD1 1 Mike DD1 1 Gillian DD1 2 Laura DD1 2 Grant DD1 2 Robert DD1 2 John and main tables are Table Name : Postcode Postal_sector DD1 1 DD1 2 TAble Name: Employee Name Mike Gillian Laura Grant Robert John. There is a many to many relationship between Postcode and Employee table. My current microflow does the job of putting the unique values into two different tables but it updates the reference rather than creating a reference set. In the datagrid only the last employee name is displayed for each postal sector from the temp table. I would like to see the data in the datagrid or a dataview like: DD1 1 Mike;Gillian DD1 2 Laura;Grant;Robert;John Please help how to create reference in microflow. Thanks in advance.
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Think of your reference set like a list. Right now you are overwriting your reference set each time you change it.

In your Change activity, in the reference set, you'll see a box where you can pick Set, Add, and Remove. Change that selector from Set to Add.


When you change the reference set (to add the employee names), select the Type radio button that says Add. I suspect you have the Type radio button that says Set selected.