Help needed for custom request handler for images

Hi guys, In order to get access to an uploaded image (via /file?guid=xxxx) without a session , I have to make custom requesthandler. I indeed read a lot of it in different questions of Asquiel and in post of Achiel, but as a Mendix business engineer without (say ) 0 knowledge of Java ...all these info was still not enough for me, even that post of Achiel. (the step from a Hello world link to an Image requesthandler was too huge and unclear). Could anyone share what he/she has done to get access to an uploaded image with a custom request handler? I would really, really appreciate if I could see a complete and working project/java actions which are needed to reach this. Much appreciated!
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I have an example available with a request handler that can download the file based on a url like http://<app>/file/<fileid> This doesn't need a session. It's just an example that's no way good enough for a real environment, but it will provide an insight into the way to create the request handler you need. If you would like a copy of the project just drop me an email.