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Hello Everyone I am using Excel importer module to import XLS file into appcliation. I have no issues in local environment, but the issue occurs when I try to upload data in production&acceptance environment The following error occured when importing document java.sql.BatchUpdateException - Batch entry 0 INSERT INTO "hbcoreimport$unitimport" ("id", "unitletter", "size", "bedrooms", "propertyid", "incomelimitpercentage", "kitchens", "unitid", "marketrate", "buildingidentificationnumber", "exempt", "bathrooms", "totalrooms", "programtype", "unitnumber", "rentlimitpercentage") VALUES (75998243711887397, NULL, NULL, 1, 90156, '50', NULL, '1/102', 'No', '1', 'No', NULL, NULL, 'Bond', '102', '50') was aborted. Call getNextException to see the cause. Does anyone have any idea on the issue?
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Is your model reflection synched with the object you want to store the data in? And is your excel import template correct with the file that you are trying to import?