Calendar Widget Event Display Start and End Time

I am using the calendar widget and would like to display the start and end time of an event like this: 2:00p - 4:30p Looking at the documentation, it seems like I should be able to do this with a custom time format. In the Extra tab of the widget, I have one Available View which is Basic Week. In that available view, I have specified the following customer time format: h(:mm)t{ - h:(mm)t} Using this format, when I view an event in the widget, the time is shown as 2p{ - 2p} Has anyone done this or something similar before? Any pointers for me? FYI, I am using version 5.1 of the calendar widget, which is the newest version of the widget.
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You probably figured it out yourself by now, but maybe some other people find this useful. I think the format you're looking for would simply be h:mmt

The curly brackets are from an old version of the FullCalendar plugin the widget is based on and should not be needed anymore


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