Specific page after login per microflow

Hi. I've been running into this problem for some time now, and I'm hoping you can help me. Basically I want to have two buttons that go to different pages. But before they do, the microflows need to check if the user is logged in or not. The problem is that if the user is not logged in, I want it to show a popup login page, then after logging in it should show the correct page. I'm using the standard login form, so when you log in, it automatically goes to the standard homepage. I'm hoping this makes sense ButtonA --> MicroflowA --> showlogin --> PageA ButtonB --> MicroflowB --> showlogin --> PageB thanks for the help.
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I would use the deeplink module for that. Create a different deeplink for each button. If the user is logged in the deeplink would detect this and show the right page. When the user is anonymous it would detect this and present the user with a loginscreen before it opens the right form.