Remove application url from search engine

Hi Everyone, I am having a requirement where one of our client want to remove the mendix application URL that is listed in search engine (google, bing etc) results. So i thought to ask a quick question here if someone had this kind of requirement before and can help me out in this? I tried to add meta tag <meta name="robots" content="noindex"> in index.html page that instructs all search engines not to show the page in search results. Tested it after deploying this code to prod and this fix didn't solve the issue and they can still find the URL in search results. I also looked into google url removal tool or the bing but I think I need to be a webmaster to request this. Do I have to manage multiple search engines webmaster like ask, yahoo, google, bing? Is there any better way to do this or this is the only way? Thanks in advance!
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You can use tools like google url removal tool or the one for bing

Edit: the tags are fine but it takes time (days) for the crawler to visit your site. Using the tools will shorten this time.

Put the tags in all your starting points index.html, login.html, index3.html etc. Especially the anonymous page.