Handle system errors

Hi, How can I intercept and handle system errors, for example security errors. What I want to achieve is to tell the user that something bad happened, apologize and mention that our support team is notified. I do not want any technical system error to appear anymore. Is this possible? Regards, Paul
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Did you already try setting error handling on a microflow activity?

How to handle exceptions in a microflow

Update 1 You can try to alter system texts. Tools -> Batch replace -> filter on 'error'. There is an option to change 'An error occured, please contact your system administrator.' I've never tried this myself so can't give any guarantees on the result. :)

Update 2 Use the logging module as an example and create some notification functionality instead of adding log objects to the database.

Another option is to customize the module by adding an after create microflow on the log entity and implement support notification there. You can set the log level to 'error' to solely act on exceptions.