AuditTrail and _Example_Page usage?

Mendix Community: In the process of upgrading Business Modeler to 5.16, I was getting a compile error related to AuditTrail.NEW (I think). I discovered that there is a new version of AuditTrail (v 2.3) that is required for BM 5.13 and newer. So, I tried to upgrade to the latest version of AuditTrail. As I recall, AuditTrail used to be delivered with several pages like Log_Overview that were immediately usable. That is now replaced with an ExamplePages folder with several pages named (LogOverview), (LogView), and a Layout named (AuditDesktop) ... with all of those names being surrounded by parentheses. What do pages and layouts with names like (LogOverview) and (AuditDesktop), respectively, signify? I want to start out using the page (LogOverview) but when I try to select it from the Navigation Menu there are no pages showing under ExamplePages. I suspect that this means that a page with a name like (SomePage) is either hidden or otherwise not usable as is. How do I go about making a page like (Log_Overview) visible and usable? Thanks, John
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The pages whose names are in parentheses have been excluded from the project (see this blog post for information about excluding objects in the modeler. You can include these pages in the project again by right clicking on them and selecting the Include in project menu item. Its likely including them will result in some errors which you'll have to resolve before you can use them. You can also duplicate these pages and put them into one of your own modules and use the copies.