Microflows Generated Entities and DataViews

For a test, I have a microflow producing that entity required by the boilerplate widget. On the some page there are multiple dataviews calling this microflow to get the entity. The dataviews all contain the same widget. Some dataviews contain only one instance of the widget, others contain multiple instances of the widget. Initial output in the browser is as follows: Changing the the attribute on the same page with the textbox results in the following: The entity is not non-persistable. The textbox is not even in the same dataview as the other widgets. How does all this work? I want the microflow to create a new separate variable to be passed such that the text box only updates the widget in its dataview. What could the problems and possible solution be? Thankyou in advance
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This is a bug. For multiple request with microflows with same name and parameters, the result is cached. This results in microflows returning the same return values.

A (cumbersome) workaround is to have the different widgets instances call different microflows (which call the same submicroflow).