Demo user switcher problem

Mendix Forum Community: I'm trying to use Demo users and demo security to test out roles that I have assigned to different demo users. I have created several demo users and have copied their automatically assigned passwords where I can easily cut/paste them. I have also selected "Prototype/demo" in the Project security panel and "Enable demo users" in the Demo users panel. When I run my project locally, I get an initial login window to which I am logging in a "MxAdmin". My application then starts up and I get the little "switch user" icon on the right side of the panel. So far so good ... When I click on the "switch user" icon, I get the list of demo users that I created and can see that they each have the roles to which they have been assigned. When I select one of them, I get a new login window that looks just like the one that I just used to login as MxAdmin. If I then enter "some_demo_user" and "pasted_password_for_some_demo_user", I get "The username or password that you entered is incorrect" and there is a console WebUI log entry that says: Login FAILED: Unknown user: "some_demo_user". When I click the demo user switch user icon, should I have seen a different login window? Have I failed to configure something else? This is using Business Modeler 5.16 and I haven't really been using the Demo user feature in earlier versions, so don't know whether this is somehow a version-specific problem or, more likely, pilot error on my part. Thanks for your consideration, John
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Note: The Demo user switcher now seems to be functional again with the release of Business Modeler 5.16.1. John